FCA Interviews Pixel Motion’s Social Media Director for Digital Sales Web Series

Although social media is prevalent in many people’s lives and many businesses have taken advantage of social media as a marketing tool, some retailers are still doubtful when it comes to seeing value and a return on investment from social media marketing.


Natalie at FCA Headquarters


As a certified partner for FCA Digital Solutions, Pixel Motion was invited to participate in an FCA Digital Series web course to be used in training for North American retail operations. FCA (FIAT Chrysler Automobiles) is the seventh largest global automaker, engaged in industrial activities in the automotive sector through retail locations in over 40 countries. FCA has commercial relationships with customers in approximately 150 countries.

FCA digital web series courses are released quarterly and are an FCA PI certification requirement for Sales Managers and Sales Consultants across North American field operations. Each course is approximately 20 minutes long and reaches an audience of 25,000+. Matt Pontiatowski, FCA Digital Marketing Manager, recommended Pixel Motion as an authoritative source on social media and online reputation. The main purpose behind the web series is to assist regional and national team members in the dynamic realm of digital marketing and to help retail locations maximize their social media footprint.

Natalie Ricker, Pixel Motion’s Social Media Director, traveled to FCA headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan to participate in the web series. Along with FCA’s marketing team, Natalie met with Heather Stanley, Project Manager of the Digital Web Series. Discussion questions included topics on retailer perception on social media, and different strategies for maximizing social media presence.