9 Takeaways from Google’s Guru Training

Albert, our Digital Marketing Manager at Pixel Motion, recently went to San Jose to learn more about mobile and YouTube advertising at the Google Tech Center. The two events he went to were titled Mobile Guru Day and YouTube Guru Day. There, he met up with two of our Google Reps, Jackie and Leslie, and enjoyed all the good food Google famously provides. After leaving training, Albert became Pixel Motion’s official Guru of Mobile and YouTube marketing.

Albert and Jackie - Google Rep

Albert sitting with one of our Google reps, Jackie


Here are nine takeaways from the training:

  • Mobile dominated desktop searches in 2014
  • People check their phones 150X a day (this offers a greater chance for impressions)
  • Google is emphasizing Micro-Moments
  • People spend more time on YouTube than watching TV
  • People view YouTube all day, whereas for TV they are only watching during a select time (i.e. primetime).
  • Viewers who do not skip your ads on YouTube are 75% more engaged then viewers who watched un-skippable ads or commercials
  • YouTube targeting can take you to your exact audience (i.e. Moms with young children)
  • For YouTube, Google says be seen when it matters. Take advantage of the micro moments.
  • YouTube is great for brand lift and plays a great role in assisting conversions as it is a higher funnel influencer