Micro Moments – Make Them Count

It’s a mobile world, and we’re just living in it. Everything we do, whether it’s reading the news, playing a game, having conversations with friends, or surfing the internet, can be done through our smart phones. If we hear a song we like on the radio, we can use the Shazaam app and find out within seconds what the name of the song is. If we want to find the best burgers in our area, we pull up Yelp. These days, not only is information readily available through our fingertips, but it’s also available in an instant. Google calls these micro-moments.

Micro moments

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/garryknight/


Google has launched a Micro-Moments website where it shares insights they are collecting on consumer’s mobile behavior. One insight they found was that 82% of smartphone users research products on their phones when making in-store purchases. The challenge for your business now is to be visible in those moments whenever your target consumer chooses to pick up their phone during their decision making. Take a look at some tips Google has for your brand to maximize on these micro-moments.


Identify your Moments

Make a consumer journey map to determine when your customers want to find inspiration, learn more about your products, make a quick purchase, or anything in between. Look carefully at each phase in the journey to establish which moments you can or can’t afford to lose.


Meet Your Customer’s Needs In the Moment

Ever heard the expression, “Walk a mile in my shoes?” If you want to win in the mobile game, put yourself in your consumer’s shoes through the sale journey and determine what would make your mobile site or app easier or faster. If you get frustrated at any moment, chances are your customers will be too. Also ask yourself what content and features would be the most helpful in this particular moment and apply to your mobile site.


Leverage Contextual Signals

Location and time of day are important signals that can let you seize the perfect micro moment. For example, when customers are searching near your store, let them know when the products they are looking for are in-stock or available for pick-up. Your goal is to deliver experiences and messages that feel tailor-made for the moment.


Optimize the Consumer Journey

Your customers are moving seamlessly across all screens and channels. Is your website optimized to be mobile-friendly? Is it easy for a consumer to find exactly what they are looking for in a matter of seconds? Remember that if they can’t find something in an instant, they will move on to your competitors. Go through each step of the consumer buying process, put yourself in their shoes and organize your entire site or app around those moments.