Chrysler Unveils Portal Concept Vehicle at CES 2017

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Chrysler unveiled their future Portal vehicle, a concept engineered by millennials to effectively adapt with millennials as they advance through life stages. Touted as a minivan, it is said to respond to millennials requests to have easy-to-upgrade technology, to be affordable, and to be socially conscious. We at Pixel Motion are proud to always be knowledgeable of and ahead of the newest information in automotive technology, so here are the main facts that you need to know about this newly unveiled future Chrysler vehicle.

Autonomous Driving is a Future We Can See

The Portal isn’t the first vehicle to introduce autonomous driving technologies, but putting this type of technology into a minivan is innovative. The Portal employs the use of current and near-term sensor technologies, which, when paired with other infrastructure, allows for SAE Level 3 autonomous driving. It relies on many exterior and interior features, including cameras, radar, LIDAR (which stands for Light Detection and Ranging), and ultrasonic sensors. The wheel can be locked back into the dashboard itself, for seamless design and efficiency… when the vehicle has the capability to use the autonomous driving feature. Its adaptable, and doesn’t require a new car to upgrade to that type of technology.

A Comfortable Interior Anyone Can Get Used To

The interior of the Chrysler Portal can easily fit six adults, and offers 180 cubic feet of space. The interior is designed to be a comfortable “third space,” meaning the place the owner of the vehicle spends most of their time, aside from home and school, or home and work, etc. It’s simply designed to be a place you want to spend that time. This type of innovation is exactly what they mean when they say designed by millennials, for millennials — these are the types of changes this demographic is looking for, according to Chrysler research.

Technology that Can Go the Distance

The electric “engine” that powers the Portal can go a bit more than 250 miles on a full charge. Need a quick fuel-up to get to where you need to? There is also an option for using DC Fast Charge, which can get you 150 miles of range by charging for just 20 minutes. These options allow for flexibility millennials are looking for, with an eco-friendly twist.

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