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Stellantis Digital Retailing Solutions


Pixel Motion websites are compatible with any DRS below.

ORE: 3 Months Free / Priced at $500/mo. Enroll Now

CarNow: 1 Month Free / Starting at $999/mo. Enroll Now 2 Months Free / Starting at $899/mo. Enroll Now

Dealer Inspire: 1 Month Free / Starting at $900/mo. Enroll Now


Receive up to 3 months free when adding digital retailing to your Pixel Motion website.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to affect our world, Pixel Motion wants to inform you of the latest DRS solutions that is compatible with your Pixel Motion website which will enable your consumers to have the car buying experience online. Starting in the month of April, the Stellantis Program is offering promotions on Digital Retailing Solutions. These tools make it easier than ever to engage your consumers online and empower them to start the purchase process. DRS include a secure, online credit approval process, reducing transaction time and potential friction.


For more information about adding digital retailing solutions on your Pixel Motion website, fill out the contact form or call us at (949) 515-4447.