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Digital Marketing Platform. Integrated digital
advertising solutions for Chrysler Digital.

Active PPC

We will custom build and optimize each PPC campaign offline, in order to achieve the highest possible quality score when we go live. We leverage the industry’s most sophisticated bid optimization technology, and our PPC experts will monitor each campaign in real-time. We are 100% transparent by giving you full access to your campaign and budget spend, so that you can follow your performance throughout the month. There is no gatekeeping; we deliver true data and true results.

Behavioral Retargeting | Display

Our display and retargeting initiatives are seamlessly integrated with all other campaigns, and we will re-engage with website visitors that left without conversion. Each and every ad is customized and targeted based on previous behavior and interests. Our display network covers 99% of the digital landscape and will provide measurable superior performance and true ROI.

Digital Advertising


$2,099 per month


$5,099 per month


$10,099 per month

Custom Campaign Setup

Campaign ads, ad groups, all settings unique and tied to individual dealership’s marketing profile. No template campaigns, everything built from the ground up based on budget, needs, priorities, and campaign strategy.

Active Management

PPC without a cruise control button. Campaign analyst sees account statistics every day, ads are updated weekly. Current offers are retrieved, updated, placed across campaigns.

Custom Ad Copy

Ads will be tailored with the dealer’s specific messaging. Custom written ads will be unique to the dealer and optimized for a high click-through-rate (CTR).

Performance Optimization

Only A/B testing determines what message works and what doesn’t. Campaigns are continually tested and updated to maximize impact.

Advanced Targeting

Specific targeting to relevant geography, keywords, platform (mobile, tablet, etc ). Able to target customers in various points across the lead funnel.

Custom Comprehensive Reporting

No gatekeeping, real data. Bad news and good news. Customized reporting suite. On-demand access and scheduled reports. Real analyst always performs a custom review of campaigns once per month.

Display Remarketing

Advertising of rich-media banners to prior visitors of website. Continually updated with new offers or offers unique to re-targeting, A/B testing for performance optimization.

Search Remarketing

Advertising of search expanded text ads to prior visitors of website. Continually updated with new offers or offers unique to re-targeting, A/B testing for performance optimization.

Display Advertising

Text format advertising and custom creation of rich-media banner advertising. Continually updated with new offers and A/B testing for performance optimization.

Conquest Targeting

Targeting for outside brands and conquest keywords, e.g. “car dealerships”, “auto refinancing”.

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Facebook Advertising


2 Campaigns


3 Campaigns


4 Campaigns

Click to Website (Carousel or Single Image)

Local Awareness (CPM)

Lead Gen (CPM)

Brand Awareness – Facebook page (CPM)

Offer Claims

Make Level Targeting

Model Level Targeting

Custom Audiences


Video (CPV or CPC)

Boosted Post

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is becoming more complex and more human. Google will reward and rank sites that takes human parameters into account, such as reviews, shared content, and true engagement. Pixel Motion will always stay ahead of the curve, by taking organic SEO way beyond meta tags and keyword density.

Certified SEO


$599 per month


$999 per month


$1,599 per month


$1,999 per month

Analysis & Comprehensive Reporting

We will crawl the website and identify SEO opportunities. 1 monthly report (additional reports are free per client’s request)

Local Keyword Research

We’ll do geographical research and determine which keywords have high search volume so we can use to on their website.

Webmaster Tools Setup & Index Submissions

We will set up Bing and Google Webmaster tools/search console and submit a site map and get the website re-crawled/index.

Google Analytics Implementation

We will create a new analytic account, because it will give us clean data. We can use existing accounts but we will create a new one regardless to have fresh data set and to make sure it was installed properly.

On-Site Optimization – Content

Every month we will look at all the on-site content (i.e. page content, headers, META tags, etc.) and either add more content with keywords or revise the content so we can inject more keywords into it.

Internal Link Building

Add and update internal links to each page. We will add a few internal links each month and fully maintain every page monthly.

Content Pieces

Landing Pages or Blogs

1 2 3 4

Website Monitoring

Google, Bing, Yahoo Listing

Claim and optimize their Google, Bing, and Yahoo local listing

Blog Set up + Posts

Set up a blog (if website provider allows for it), and then provide at least 1 blog post a month, which is part of the number of content pieces in the package. The blog post is not in addition to the content pieces.

Local Listings Submissions – $679 Value

We will submit, maintain, and update local listings on UBL, Neustar, Localeze, and Yext, which covers 80+ directories.

Manual Listing Correction

Every month we will search for business name, address, website, local phone number, and look for websites (like that are showing the wrong information and get that corrected. We will be able to go through 4-5 Google search result pages a month.

Off-Site Optimization – Manual Linking

Every month we will look for sites that are relevant to their industry (car blogs) or sites that mention their brand name and send out request to the site owners and try to get a backlink to the site.

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Social Media Marketing

Build Lasting Relationships

Build a strong brand presence and grow your dealership’s community. We develop your social media presence and nurture your customer relationships, past and current. Improve your customer retention, generate leads, and manage your online reputation by partnering with Pixel Motion.

Branding – Effectively market who you are and why customers should choose you.
Reputation Management – Respond and manage customers talking about your dealership.
Build Relationships – Reward existing customers, seek out new customers.
Lead Generation – Seek out and engage in-market car shoppers.

Certified Social


$599 per month


$999 per month


$1,599 per month


$1,999 per month

Monthly Facebook Posts

9 12 18 24

Monthly Monthly Tweets/Retweets

12 18 24 36

Monthly Reporting

Online Reputation Monitoring

Reputation Management (monthly Review responses)

3 5 10 15

Twitter Sales Outreach

5 10 15

Google + Posts

4 6 12

Boosted Post

4 8

Monthly Google + Follows

15 30

Custom Reports

Facebook Advertising*


*FB Advertising can be added to any packing starting at $1000 min (See additional notes).

Digital Advertising for Commercial Vehicles

Preferred Commercial Vehicle Agency

Pixel Motion is a boutique digital agency in partnership with Chrysler LLC & BBN Solutions. Our campaigns leverage cutting-edge technology and custom messaging with 100% transparent reporting.


Audience: Our placement reaches a narrow demographic and connects you to real business decision makers.
Effective: We use best-of-class technology to dynamically bid and give you optimal cost-per-impression.
Unique: All creative is customized to your dealership specifications and individual needs.

Media Tactics

Display Advertising: Custom banner campaign to drive B2B visits/leads from pre-selected audience inventory.
Paid Search: Custom search ads targeting relevant B2B keywords. Rotating special offers.

Campaign Pricing

Light Duty – $2,000 (2 sizes, custom reporting, custom creative.)

Heavy Duty – $3,500 (3 sizes, custom reporting, custom creative.)

Aggressive – $5,500 (3 sizes, custom reporting, custom creative. Optional paid search campaign.)

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