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The 5-Step Build Process


  1. Enrollment
  2. Design
  3. Integration
  4. Review
  5. Launch

So, you are interested in a new website but have either heard or experienced a horror story of a transition. You are not alone! But at Pixel Motion, we get it. We have done extensive research on what dealerships are most concerned about during a transfer and we have found the solution. A 5 step program to provide transparency and deliver our dealerships vision of their digital storefront.

1. ENROLLMENT: Pixel Motion has an internal meeting with our Transition Team (Sales, Digital Marketing Manager, Account Manager, and Head of Website Development) to go over any finer points raised in the initial talks with the dealership. We go over all aspects of the sales process, hit on any specific stipulations provided, and go over designs which were presented.

2. DESIGN: Pixel Motion Transition Team meeting with our new dealer partner. Here we go over all visions, design ideas, 3rd party tool integrations, DMS and CRM specifics. You will meet our team, see our faces, and know who you are working with and why.

3. INTEGRATION: A development link generated and sent to the dealership. We then work with all of your 3rd party tools and feed sources to set up your website, and you can watch in real time! Watch the process of your new site come to life, and tell us any changes you want on the fly!

4. REVIEW: Sit with our Transition team again and go through your site live! Let’s talk about what the user experience is for your customers, let’s talk about your new site! We will make any and all final changes and prepare your site to go live!

5. LAUNCH: We work with your domain controller and our internal teams to schedule and execute the launch of your website. Immediate post launch testing is executed to make sure your site is perfect. And we don’t launch until you are 100% ready and approving of your new site!

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