How to Manually Upload Inventory (Motorcycles Only)


Watch a quick video tutorial above to learn how to Upload Inventory



Pixel Motion websites provide you the ability to upload and manage your inventory directly from the inventory dashboard. Whether or not you have a subscription with a 3rd party data feed provider you can upload and manage your vehicle data and images on the fly and in real time.


How to Upload your Inventory:


Step 1 – Navigate to the Inventory tab in the menu on the left hand side and click on the Inventory item to expand the sub-menu. Click “Add Vehicle”

Here you will be presented with two options. Our Vin decoder integration will allow you to upload partial data about your vehicle already publicly available.


Step 2 – Copy and paste or enter the VIN number into the VIN field and then click Submit VIN


Step 3 – Click Validate.


General Vehicle Information will now be available with the MSRP and Condition (New or Used) being the only required field to upload your vehicle.


You also have the option to include an Internet or discounted price which our system will automatically calculate and adjust to your pricing stack. You can customize this label to your preference by contacting our dedicated support team at or calling our support line at 949-515-4447.


In addition to price you can also input a custom Exterior and Interior Color, Stock number, Body Style and the Mileage on the vehicle direct from this page.


Step 4 – Once all the information you would like to display is filled out click Add Vehicle! To add to your inventory.


Your vehicle will now be live and you will have additional options including Featuring your vehicle on the front page, adding comments, additional Markups or discounts, incentives and Monthly payment options, Vehicle photos and videos direct from your YouTube account.

As well as editing previous information or deleting the vehicle. For more information on how to use all the Inventory options available please reference our full Inventory tutorial Here or directly from your dashboard.


Once uploaded you will now also be able to access your inventory from the main Inventory tab to Edit and/or delete any information on the fly.


Alternative Upload Options:


The second option will give you complete control and will allow you to enter all details manually. If you have any products or vehicles that do not include a Vin or if they are not yet available, you can still upload them directly to your Pixel Motion website in real time.



For more information or if you have any additional questions please contact us directly to speak with our developers one on one, or request a demo today.







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